April's 30 day project: Using ToodleDo.com and GTD system

Here's the project:  use Toodledo.com and the GTD framework to manage all my tasks.  Sounds simple, eh?  I don't think it will be.

The basic tenets of the GTD system are:
* Everything you have in your mind as an obligation is mental overhead.  Mental overhead = bad.
* Move the mental overhead to a system that you trust and rely on.  Lower mental overhead = good.

The system's parts:
* Capture - A few methods for capturing things as they come up and putting them into a queue.  Capture = Capture only; as in just a tool to not forget.
* Assessment - Spending the 10 seconds needed - at the time new tasks are digested from the capture into the system proper - to correctly identify what REALLY needs to be done, and when, and where.
* Review - Moving all the stuff from the queue to the system.  This is when you do the assessment.

...and of course

* Doing the work

It's not quite that simple.  There is, after all a book that explains this, and it's not exactly pamphlet-thin.  The book was such a hit that it's inspired its own industry, fan clubs, cult following, coaching programs, web sites and more.  I'd go collect this and show it to you, but it would be antithetical to productivity.  If you want to see it, leave a comment and I'll find some cool stuff.

Toodledo is a tool for organizing all your tasks in a GTD-friendly manner.

This is my April.  So far:

Layout the Groundwork
Official Start
Setting Up the GTD system in TD
Initial Challenges
Culling Next Actions
GTD cheating
GTD for Business or Personal life?
Inbox Zero tips

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