Thursday, September 27, 2012

Polyphasic sleep journal #4 - disruption & deep thoughts

We interrupt this Everyman 2 sleep project to bring you unavoidable business travel and mistimed discussions.

Business travel jacks up Everyman 2

I just did a 2 day trip to San Diego.  In making it a low cost trip of 2 days duration versus higher cost and longer duration, the schedule included awkward hours.  My shuttle trip to the Portland airport began at 2am.  Waking was relatively easy given that 4am was kinda normal, and I exercised the good discipline to NOT have coffee until much later so help me sleep on the shuttle and on the first flight.  However, my 11am nap and 4pm nap were wrecked and my trip home included a delated flight (...and missed shuttle, and unplanned overnight in Portland).  Basically my sleep was wrecked for a few days.
Lesson: pay more and travel during normal human hours, and make the semi-uncomfortable declarations (where you can), that you're simply unavailable during nap times.  I wouldn't do this with clients but could do it with my business partner.
Your rest pattern, and the inertia of maintaining it, is an asset.  Don't squander it by conforming when you don't truly have to.

Deep thoughts interrupt sleep

See the arrow?  That's where my wife and I started discussion Thanksgiving and Christmas, raising our children and other heady, heavy issues.  In the context of sleep time, this is also known as 'not sleeping'.
Lesson: Plan time for this so it doesn't land at bedtime.
Protect bedtime.  This often looks like making explicit time for other things.

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