Sunday, September 23, 2012

Polyphasic sleep journal #4 - sleep discipline

Lessons for the day:

Go to bed on time.  This concept - polyphasic sleeping - does not come without costs, and one cost is basic discipline.  That's not really a downside, and its the commonest required discipline among the worthy rewards in the world, but it's unforgiving.  Sorry, that's a little dramatic.  Here's the data.

I went to bed (sleep anyway) at 12:24 (accuracy courtesy Sleep Cycle app on my iPhone), normally this has been 10:00pm.  I pushed my wake time from 4:00 am to 5:00 to partially compensate.  I was thinking this was within the reasonable latitude afforded by the relatively less aggressive Everyman 2 method.  Bzzz.  I pushed it too far and blew past my 5am alarm and woke at 7:10, in a start.  Not an auspicious start to the day.

Weekends.  By the way, my normal sleep in on Saturday protocol (as much as you can with eager kids) is no more.  Same schedule every day.  That means the days that start with S are still early days.

Observe.  Looking at my chart, my body was ready to wake at 3am.  I noticed that the other day I awoke naturally at 2:30am but chose to return to sleep until my scheduled 4am time.  So, while I biffed it last night going to bed late, perhaps I'm planning too much regular sleep.  Not sure about this yet.

Communicate.  I stayed up late last night because my sons had a sleepover at a friends house and had a date with my wife.  We stayed up late for kicks but now I pay the price.  I should have more clearly communicated my need to go to sleep with  my wife early on, instead of waiting until 10:00pm last night and making up reasons why it was ok to stay up later.  I could have shared the discipline burden a bit without making her my sleep police.

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