Thursday, April 15, 2010

April - GTD and Toodledo #7: Progress

I might be at a tipping point for using TD with GTD today.  I created a few rules for myself.

My new Waiting Rule:
If I am waiting on something, I must enter the amount of time which I'm willing to wait.  Meaning, if I ask someone a question that I need an answer on, I must define when I'm going to follow up if I don't get an answer so that the item doesn't get lost (also known as dropping the ball).  I don't want to drop the ball.

I realized that if I am waiting without a deadline, then I'm not really waiting, I'm wishing/dreaming/hoping and that's the realm of someday/maybe.

Other practices I picked up:
* Relying on the next time I touch a task to turn it into the next task in a sequence vs. making everything a project.  Partially this is because creating a project and its tasks takes me going to several screens and tying it all together.  To adhere strictly to GTD, this would be the action, but I'm going to say that:

'Review draft text >> Publish/return' will naturally lead me to publish the text or return it to the author instead of making it a two part project. 

* Since I'm using searches to define Next Actions at the client (same as large project) level, I don't have a solid way to track items that are DUE.  I don't want to use an external calendar (2 systems...), so I enabled reminders and tested them.  They work well and I can even set when the reminder comes so I'll get them in a time and place where I can act on them.  Nifty.  We'll see how it pans out.

GTD with Toodledo 30 day project

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