Friday, April 2, 2010

April - GTD and Toodledo #4: Setting up the GTD system of a fellow TD user

I'm going to model my system after Toodledo User Proximo.  Here's his thread on how:
Getting things done with Toodledo.

My steps:
Since I have existing folders, I simply added all the new folders with a period in front.  When I migrate my stuff over, I'll delete the old ones.  This is a big deal to just delete the old stuff - I'm a little nervous.

Following the guide from above, I:
1. Printed guide
2. Added folders
3. Added contexts (with periods)

Immediately I see tasks that are overdue and I panic a little bit.  (This is the anxiety David Allen talks about in  Getting Things Done when you don't have your system in place.  It's true.)

This is tedious.
I started by just going through tasks and updating everything and the mountain was too high psychologically so I did context first, using search and multi edit.

Now I'm going through a folder at a time and in proper GTD style, I'm applying a modified 2 minute rule, more like the 2 second rule, and deleting old tasks when they're clearly old.

As I move things to Someday/Maybe, I sense relief because I know these are being pushed off my mind but not forgotten...

Wow.  This is tedious & difficult but I am getting it done and it 'feels' like it's going to work.

Ok - They're all in and I am now using a custom search to show only Next Actions.  even this wasn't enough for me to truly narrow things down, so I populated length of time for each task and sorted by easiest!  Trying that now.

This worked. I have spend a few hours working very effectively.  For me, a few hours without interruption is great, and I got things done that had been lingering a while.  The structure is awesome.

GTD and Toodledo 30 day project

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