Monday, March 29, 2010

#2 30 Day project candidates

These are the projects I'm currently considering.  I'll pick one soon.

  • Another weight loss sprint, this time working toward specific goals of distance to run or ride.
  • House projects: finish the garage cleanup (trashing stuff, selling stuff, painting, etc.)
  • * Focus: Focusing on my goals: 30 days of conscious, deliberate mental focus on my goals
  • * Financial: Establish 2 new clients
  • Financial: Set up a family budget and work to it
  • * Habits: Follow prescribed work habits - this means get up at the same time every day, work to plan and knock things out in the allotted time so I'm available to my family (and more calm and peaceful) the rest of the time
  • * Habits: Follow my To-Do system for 30 days
  • * Meditate daily

You should know that I added the single word summaries after the list was created.  They represent refinement of thinking.

Tangent alert: These items are not all personal development.  Only the ones with an asterisk are actually the kind I intended to consider - the ones that are PERSONAL and action oriented.  These are different than a goals list, these are habits and personal actions (and the beliefs behind them) like weight loss.  That was a commitment to make good decisions about eating and exercise for a month, even though it was against my routine.  If I can create the macro habit of resetting one set of bad habits to a deliberately-crafted replacment set of habits every month... great!  That's the plan.

Ok - of these, I'm thinking the one that makes the most sense is the one(s) around habits.

Official next project: Managing my actions using my To-Do List and Getting Things Done system.  I'm actually using an online tool for processing To-Do's - the tool is by a company called Toodledo.  Their online to do manager is really cool and they've molded some functionality around the GTD system.  I've been a fan of the GTD and David Allen's system for a while, but I've had trouble implementing it due to my compulsion to always geek out on the process instead of just doing it.  This is one of the most valuable books that I own. 

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