Monday, March 29, 2010

#1 Welcome to your life

The power of 30 day projects has compelled me to start this site.  30 days is a timeframe that you can get you head around, and the kind of projects I'm talking about are self-improvement projects and personal growth oriented.

I had fantastic success in February taking on 30 days of weight loss - 15 pounds in 30 days.  I backed off of the agressive approach after the 30 days, but I'm retaining the benefits of that project just the same.  At the same time, I experienced withdrawl symptoms after the contest.  I don't mean related to eating or weight loss, I mean of challenge and personal focus and intensity.  I want to maintain that buzz and rate of progress, but to move on to other areas of my life - there are plenty of areas that could use the work.

So, I determined that I'd make list of potential 30 day projects, pick one and start.  The blogging about it portion of the gig is to create a virtual constituency, even if only in my mind.  The weight loss project was actually a contest, but it's not practical to have a contest for the other things in mind, both because they're hard to measure and because it'd be hard to find someone with the same challenges at the same time.

I'm reminded of the argument for money over barter... coincidence of need just isn't there.  So, to time-shift and create accountability without the structure of a contest I'm enlisting technology and you.  Please read my posts and comment.  Ask me anything.  To be honest, I'm asking you to expend your time caring about me.  You don't owe me, clearly, but I'm going to be honest about what this really is.  It's a request.  If I don't get readers and questions, I'll live, but it'll be better with help.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Happy to comment - noticed one of your links from over at DavidCo (I think). I had the link bookmarked to return to, and this week has been a little crazy, so apologies if I initially sound a little vague!

    If you're happy with comments/thoughts/feedback on a variable timeframe then great.

    In terms of 'off the cuff' feedback - I've only scanned your blog, but enjoying your style. The honesty reference, and disclosure is a refreshing start...

    Kind Regards,
    Scott Barrett