Monday, October 25, 2010

October GTD and Toodledo #??

Blamo.  Total crash.  For me, at least in my current state in life, this was unsustainable.

Sorry if I crashed on expectations.  I started with the honest intent of doing this for 30 days, the idea being that most plans have problems and 30 days would be enough to overcome some, find solutions and prove it all out to be worthy.  No can do.

This isn't a condemnation of Toodledo or GTD, just a flat out statement that it didn't work for me.

I'm using a different tool now I'm I'm hesitating to make this all about the tool, because it's probably about the person.  Most things are.

I'm going to go back and put a spoiler alert on the posts and start something new.


  1. I read your journey with interest, as I tried GTD a while ago, and failed somehow to follow the path. But I guess that was because at that time I rarely had business projects, but a lot of personal projects. And I think GTD is a bit overkill for personal stuff.

    So you use a new tool now? What tool? I'm curious...

    1. Thanks Frank. sorry that I am responding… A year late, hopefully you see this.

      I am using a program called Things. It's just for the Mac and so far it is the best GTD – related tool I have found, bar none. Also, I'm using it for everything I am trying to do, both business and personal projects and I find that the challenges I have not really GTD challenges, they are personal challenges like trying to stay aware of too many projects at once and not exercising the discipline for periodic project reviews.

      What this means to me is that the GTD process is working, and has revealed problems in my approach and that I need to drop some projects that I just won't get to. This is like GTD doing me a favor, though because these are projects that can't really afford to do now and formally taking them off my plate is release.

  2. Oh dear... Did u manage to recover from the experiment, and if so - how?

    Best of luck

    1. Tomerun,

      Well… I'm not sure what you mean, but I find the comment funny anyway. Yes, I guess I'm recovered. I've stopped and started so many initiatives like this. Right now I'm using the Mac program Things and I am really liking it. And yes, I've been using it for more than 30 days. Thanks!